..Parable of the Sower..

I wished I had been in class this past Wednesday. Unfortunately, I was running a fever…I guess it might have been a response to all the work and everything that has been going on this semester.

I have to say, Parable of the Sower is probably my favorite novel I have read this semester. While the story itself was very graphic and violent at times, it’s refreshing to read a novel through the lens of a strong Black female character like Lauren. This book was definitely hard to put down and the moment I finished it I felt a little sad—I wanted to read more. The things that were captivating about Lauren were far from few. Her strength, her intellect, her bravery, her dedication…I mean the list goes on! The fact that she doesn’t let her weakness of “sharing pain” control her or prevent her from moving forward with her life is truly commendable. She sacrifices herself for her “new family” as she heads north after the tragedy in Robledo.

It’s sad to say, but before Hamilton many of the books I read in high school didn’t have powerful female characters of color. I’ve read Kindred, by Octavia Butler and I know her books are centered on these amazing dynamic characters. However, there are moments (and I always catch myself when I do this) that I assume the character is white. My past education has conditioned me to see things this way and it’s so frustrating. I know Octavia Butler’s work, but for some reason I kept thinking Lauren was white. My education before Hamilton has had a huge influence on this and throughout these 4 and a half years at Hamilton that has been made crystal clear. My experience with this only expresses even more the importance of being exposed to DIVERSE NARRATIVES. It’s crucial to be able to read book where we see ourselves in, because they can be empowering and inspiring and hopeful for different kinds of people.


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