I guess I’ll start by saying that this has easily been the craziest semester I’ve ever had here at Hamilton. It’s been a whirlwind and honestly I’m really looking forward to the break. One thing that has been unwavering in it’s positive effect on my daily outlook and weekly positivity has been Black Feminist Thought. I found that to especially be the case this week. I honestly feel that our class has really grown much closer throughout the course of the semester, and it seems to me that our discussions are reflecting just that.

Parable of the Sower has been my favorite reading of the semester for sure. Octavia Butler does a terrific job of character development, and in the context of this course, it’s fantastic that the protagonist–Lauren–is a Black woman. As we talked about in class, my favorite central theme of the story is Lauren’s personal religions philosophy that she labels “earthseed.” The description of earthseed–barring the use of “God” to signify a greater power–is pretty similar to my personal religious philosophy. In thinking through the different tenets of earthseed as they are scattered throughout the novel, I am reminded strongly of Taoism. While there are certainly differences, both systems of belief feature a strong respect for the earth, and an acceptance that change is a natural process and one must allow it to happen rather than resist. I wish that society as a whole was more willing to adopt that philosophy, as I think it would lead to a much more peaceful society. The fluidity of interpretation in earthseed is something that I think would prevent the  violent and radical misinterpretation of religion that the world is suffering from today.


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