Just some thoughts

Hi team!

I realized that I completely forgot to post on our blog Friday before Thanksgiving. I thought I would still post my thoughts about last class because they’re still relevant. In any case, better late than never!

Like Jennifer, I found last class to be very encouraging. I was absolutely delighted that so many people showed up to discuss race on college campuses. Our discussion was incredibly productive— You are all very insightful individuals. I was blown away by everyone’s maturity in discussing a sensitive subject in class. Furthermore, I was touched by a collective sense of honesty and willingness to open up about personal experiences on our campus. And of course, my post would not be complete with out mentioning TC’s fabulous syllabus. While it was not printed on lavender paper, it was certainly worthy of Professor Haley’s course. I was so impressed by all of you.

Our discussion was an interesting juxtaposition to the Walk Out in Solidarity later Wednesday afternoon. If you think about it, our impromptu class was really an informal focus group. We discussed issues of race on college campuses around the United States. Then we focused on how age old academic traditions and institutionalized racism combined with current cultural practices impact the lived experienced of students, faculty, and staff of color on Hamilton’s campus. Together, we discussed about current campus issues and then created a list of proposals and demands for change. I left Wednesday’s class with a better sense of how to gage our campus culture with respect to race. I attended the Walk Out later that day. It was really cool to see some of our thoughts put into practice.

I agree with Melinda that it is unacceptable that there is only one female tenured faculty of color. Student unrest around the nation and here at Hamilton makes one thing clear: Campuses needs change. Wednesday’s discussion proved that students are beyond willing to make this happen. I am hopeful for the semesters to come. We got this.


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