Blog Post 11 (11/20)

I was both glad and surprised so many of us showed up on Wednesday while Professor Haley was out sick. The agendas TC were super cute and at first I thought Professor Haley had made them for us. Overall I think we had great discussions on what we as students are currently experiencing on our campus and understanding what minority professors are going through as well.

It was a good time to talk about what is going on at many campuses across the U.S. as well as at Hamilton. We also made a rough draft of our list of demands from the administration and hopefully that can be passed along and expanded on. For our campus, one of our biggest concerns is diversifying our faculty. There is a need for more professors that aren’t exclusively white males.

Going back to the article Naomi sent us—I think we were all on the same page. The extra labor minority professors have to do, on their respective college campuses, is often not seen or compensated or even appreciated by the administration. Minority professors are spread thin and do feel an extra layer of pressure. Personally, I try not to go to professors about certain problems I am having, because I know they have a lot on their plate already and so many other students tend to go to them as well. I make sure to only seek their help in cases when I can’t do something on my own. I really something needs to be done so minority professors don’t constantly feel this weight on their shoulders-especially on our campus. I often wonder, “How do these professor do it? How do they manage to do it all without burning out?” I guess, in part, minority professors just know what it feels like to be in the position their students are in and that becomes their motivation—to help students succeed. I am still hoping that for our next class Professor Haley can share with us her experience as a minority professor and what she thinks needs to be done.


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