Blog Post 10 (11/13)

Since I wasn’t in class last week (11/11) I decided to write my thoughts before tomorrow’s discussion (11/18) and my thought after our discussion for the next blog (11/20). Specifically, I wanted to express my thoughts on the article Naomi sent last week.

I think this article speaks a lot truth and I can personally relate to this. It’s difficult to go from a predominately Latino community to a predominately white campus, and not see people like yourself—especially faculty. It’s interesting because we never really talk about how professors of color feel when all of a sudden they have a groups students waiting outside of their office with all kinds of problems and concerns. Many times these students aren’t even current students of the professors they are seeing, but I are in need of help from someone who might understand them. We haven’t spent anytime asking how professors of color feel and what we, as students, can do alleviate some of that pressure. I am really interested in hearing professor Hayley’s experience here at Hamilton. I think it will be a great discussion.


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