On Full Display

In Redefining Realness, Janet Mock faces an array of challenges, but her story is, ultimately, one of hope, love and support. The theme of hope primarily shines through not only through Mock’s mother’s supportiveness, but the supportiveness of her entire family and even her romantic partners. Although her family’s response was atypical, including their response and the response of others is valuable in several ways. Through including the positive responses of others, Mock gives readers who are struggling with their identity the strength to live in their own skin. However, she does not neglect to recount the many hardships that she also faced throughout her journey. Although her experiences were painful, there is much value in sharing them. On the one hand, she highlights the struggles that trans people, especially women, face. At the same time, she helps to prepare individuals with some of the experiences that they may too face during their transition. Her negative experiences in school also serve to draw readers’ attention to the often forgotten need for faculty, staff, and administration in schools who are understanding of the struggles that accompany not only race and class, but gender and its myriad of expressions as well.

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