November 13

Janet Mock’s Redefining Realness was the first time I read a first-hand account about a transgender person’s experience.  I have always been accepting of gender fluidity, but haven’t really focused on the logistical challenges that they have to go through, especially if they decide to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Not only is it extremely expensive, but it is also emotionally complicated and requires a lot of support from friends and family.  Reading up on the U.S.’s current stance in regards to support for gender reassignment surgery, the federal law prohibits health care companies from discriminating against transgender people and coverage can not be denied based on pre-existing conditions.  The Affordable Care Act makes gender reassignment surgeries more affordable, which further allows them to be closer to being their authentic selves. Mock’s narration of her experience helped me better understand the complicated mechanisms that many transgender people undergo, and I think that it helped many readers who may have been previously against the idea of transgender people see this population as real and authentic human beings instead of sinners. Overall, I hope that her sharing of her story is able to correct many misconceptions that people have about transgender people.


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