Longing to Tell…

  1. This week’s discussion was particularly interesting, because there were so many diverse stories about black women’s experiences and sexuality in the book, Longing to Tell. Nevertheless, there were still many reoccurring themes throughout, including: coming of age, trust, abuse, religion, sex vs. intimacy, double standards, familial relationships etc.

    In my household I was never given “the talk.“ Talking about sex had always been a taboo subject and premarital sex was prohibited, because we were Catholic. Growing up, I never had an open conversation about sex, sexual health and sexuality with my mother, however, we have had these indirect conversations about these topics, which I found particularly weird/comical. I think the closest I have ever gotten to having the sex talk growing up, was when my mom would call me into the living room and show me on the TV a dramatization of a pregnant teen. She’d then say something like, “you see, you see that! That’s what happens when girls don’t wait!” And that would be the end of the conversation. As adults I think my mother and me have come to a place where we can at least talk about it to a certain extent and her views on premarital sex and birth control have changed considerably. My experience with my mother reminds me that there are similarities in reference to the book. For me sex, was still a very taboo subject.

    I do, however, think that talking about sex and sexuality is a lot different for this generation. I think we are more open to talking about these topics and I think we have come to realize that it is important that we teach future generations the correct information about it.


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