Reflection for 10/19

I think I’d like to use most of this to do a little self-reflection on the Quashie talk since it’s been enough time to digest it now. Firstly I was just generally really impressed with his character and desire to learn from the students here rather than just teach us. I was lucky enough to grab lunch with him before his talk, and he spent most of the lunch asking students about our individual projects/interests and offering his insight on them–I found this very helpful for my thesis research. What I found most intriguing about his talk was how everything he said seemed like common sense while still being enlightening. Professor Quashie’s mannerisms were humble and sincere, he spoke with elegance and clear intellect. In a way his work has been very inspiring to me, the notion of the importance of quiet is in my opinion very important to being a scholar of Africana Studies and truly understanding life (of all races).

I think that the movie we watched in class (title?) was actually very relevant to Quashie’s talk. The film is essentially a narration of the life of a Black woman who is providing for so many who need help. What is admirable about this film is that I think it does a fantastic job of portraying her for who she really is. The film highlights her strength but also her compassion, her intellect and also her instinct. While being (unfortunately) revolutionary, this film really portrays the Black community as human, and fights against throwing different characters into different stereotypes–it really allows the humanity of each character to show through. In this light I think it is doing what Quashie believes is necessary in returning humanity and the “being” in the phrase “human being” to the Black characters in this film.


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