The topic of Motherhood is often not mentioned or not viewed as an important part of discourse, and I am glad we were able to spend some time on it. I think the work that mothers do can often be unappreciated or undervalued, however, motherhood (and parenthood in general) is an essential component to the upbringing of tiny people and preparing them for adulthood. The work mothers do, often goes unnoticed or is viewed as simple/easy/uncomplicated, but that isn’t true. Motherhood is complex, multilayered, always changing and has a significant impact on everyone. Part of who we are stems from the relationships we have or don’t have with our mothers.  The reading we read for Wednesday focus on the complexities of motherhood based on transracial adoption, immigration, queer mothers etc. What these reading show us is that motherhood is done in many ways, however, we tend to try to define the “right and wrong” ways of being a mother. I think that there is a huge pressure on mothers (and future mothers) to raise, provide, care etc. for their children the “right” way and that is impossible to do! Mothers are HUMAN BEINGS too, who without a doubt will make mistakes. But we forget that sometimes and don’t put in the effort to be more understanding. That’s why it is important that topics like this continue to be discussed, in order to understand and change the way we think about certain issues.

It’s hard not to get emotional talking about your mother, no matter what your relationship may be with them. I personally am very lucky to have the mother my mother in my life and I hope that one day I’ll be a fraction of the woman she is. Even before my mother had my brother and me, she became the maternal figure for her ten brothers and sisters when her mother (my grandmother) was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I can’t even imagine being 12 years old and having to raise a family with little money. The relationship between my mother and my grandmother, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful things I know to be true—because regardless of my grandmother’s illness she was still a mother that loved her children and she constantly showed it. At no point did my mother feel resentful of her situation or feel like she never received her mother’s love and attention—it was a different love and a little difficult sometimes, but it was always there. I think the reason why my relationship with my mother and me is so strong is because we are able to share the good and bad moments with each other as well as provide support for one another when we need it. I admire my mother for the strong woman she is. As a single mother I know that things haven’t been the easiest for her and that is why everything I do is for her; she is my main motivator. Hopefully one day I will be able to help her the same when she has helped so many others, but until then I will continue to try and be the best daughter I can.


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