Post for Oct. 2

I felt that class this week was particularly interesting, and I feel that it’s probably the most involved class we have had yet. I though that starting off with the discussion about language and when certain kinds of language is acceptable was a good conversation. As I mentioned during class, as a white male this conversation is especially relevant when it comes to speaking in a way that is unoffensive. While I’ve often hear people around campus and around my high school think it unfair that some racial groups are “allowed” to use certain words that they can’t, in reflecting a bit on this discussion, I think not being “allowed” to use some words is an indicator of privilege. Yes, there are a few less words that you can’t use, but those words come from a history of pain and suffering, and are representative of that oppression. Not being able to say these words indicates a history of safeness, and most likely a present of the same.

We continued on in class to watch And Still I Rise, which I think is a pretty good film. As I wrote on my reflection card, the film is packed full of emotionally hard hitting scenes, and does a great job to follow them with uplifting dialogue or imagery. Despite the film doing a good job of depicting Black oppression during the slave trade until the modern day, the one downfall was some of the sweeping generalizations it made about Black populations. The most untrue of statements was the one about dressing loud–while of course there are Black people who enjoy dressing in that way, there are also a large number who don’t, and stereotyping even when not necessarily negative is still counter productive at times. Aside from instances like that, I thought the film was pretty good! I’m glad I got to see it for a second time, because I think I got more out of it this go around.


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