~ Week 4 ~

As always, this class really struck a chord with me. In particular, June Jordan’s piece on police violence was incredibly powerful because of its unfortunate relevance to current affairs, not to mention the emotionally evocative language and subject matter. I would really have liked to watch someone perform Poem about My Rights because I think a slam poet would bring it to life so powerfully. I did like our round table reading, however. It was neat to hear the ways different people emphasized phrases and brought varying levels of emotion to their sections.

Speaking of emotional, watching Lupita and Viola receive their awards was incredibly moving. Specifically Lupita’s reaction to hearing her name and her whirlwind of kisses and hugs on her way to the stage. I thought her dress was beautiful and the way she lifted it as she climbed the stairs, the camera angles and the music during that moment reminded me of some truly magical moment out of a Disney princess movie. I believe part of that magic is the fact that she is darker skinned, as was brought up during class.

I would have liked to have heard more reactions from other members of the class regarding Alicia and Malachi’s visit. Like Prof. Haley, I enjoyed the point about collective care because of the potential to reduce activist burnout, increase productivity, and, of course, morale. Along similar lines, I enjoyed Malachi’s defense of ‘solo spaces,’ pointing out how critical they are for members of  “exclusive” groups to sort out things for themselves before collaborating with others/addressing wider issues. If anyone has comments, please add them!

If any of you couldn’t make it, check out the article I wrote for C&D: #BlackLivesMatter

One thought on “~ Week 4 ~

  1. TC-I read your piece on the web site. It was excellent. I, too, hope others will comment on the event, if for no other reason than to keep that spark of hope, inspiration and love for Black lives alive.


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