Alicia Garza you are my shero!

On Friday I had the privilege to attend the luncheon with Alicia and Malachi Garza. I knew Malachi from the summer internship I had at The Praxis Project. Alicia brought exactly what the Hamilton campus needed; passion. Her words validated our experiences as women of color on this campus. Often times I feel as if when I speak at Hamilton I am not heard. When I cry at Hamilton I am not heard. When I scream at Hamilton I am not heard. However, Alicia sat 300 people down and made them listen to me. Her voice was my voice. Her anger was my anger. For the first time at Hamilton someone listened. For the first time at Hamilton women of color were acknowledged. Alicia’s words of activism resonated with me. Everyone always has something to say about what the problem is but never about how to solve it.

Alicia touched on a few points that needed to be addressed. All lives do matter. Let me repeat All lives do matter. However, at this moment in time, (and for all of history) black lives have NEVER mattered. Students at Hamilton needed to hear this. I am sick of hearing all this bullshit about black on black crime when there is just as much, if not more crime in white communities. The problem with critics of the BLM movement is that they do not feel connected to any of my black and brown brothers killed by police officers. They have no empathy. People are so focused on themselves that they forget to realize what it’s like to empathize. This was a reoccurring theme in Alicia’s speech.

My favorite part of the talk is when Alicia commented on how beautiful the room looked to her. How there were so many beautiful black and brown faces in such a diverse room. However, this did not reflect the real world. IT DID NOT REFLECT THE REAL WORLD.

Overall, I was in bliss this past Friday. I had someone project my voice for me. A beautiful black women who captivated our young minds with all of her beauty and brains. This is liberation. This is my progress.


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