I felt her; I felt me.

I am an emotional being. We all are,  yet sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by robots.

So if emotions are innate,  how did empathy become so scarce?

To be fully open yesterday, sharing deep inner pieces of our souls, reminded of a foundation principle of Black Feminism and Intersectionality: : “The personal is political.”

When we externalize our identities, our stories, our life, we inherently give voice, power and validity to everyone around us. We foster environments where “you people” becomes a learning moment instead of a relationship breaker. We show Black women that defining who you are is a path you will always have to navigate and that home is where ever you make it. Never forgetting that in order to truly empathize, we must periodically take care of ourselves and then those around us.

And in doing so you will feel.

I felt her.

I felt her story, I felt her struggles.

I felt HER.


One thought on “I felt her; I felt me.

  1. Very powerful, Porshai. I am so glad you are here! What you say about self-care is SO true. looking forward to reading more of your insights.


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